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Made of faux leather and/or non shedding glitter canvas. Will be finished on a clip unless specified to be finished on a nylon, glitter headband or as a keychain instead. Hadley is offered in 3 sizes: large, small and mini.
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  • Fairy Dust Hadley
  • Neon Hadley Set 3 (Fun Dip, Oil Spill, Taffy Time)
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  • Blue Bell Hadley- Mini Set of 2
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  • Iridescent Floral Glitter Hadley
  • Color Splash Hadley
  • Skittles Pox Glitter Hadley
  • Blue Bell Hadley
  • Rainbow Tiger Hadley
  • Bahama Mama- Mini Set of 2
  • Mermaid VIbes- Mini Set of 2
  • Fairy Dust- Mini Set of 2
  • Bahama Mama Lace Hadley
  • Mermaid Wishes Hadley